38 Adorable Nursery Design

All parents want to create a gorgeous designer nursery for their little tyke, however, not all parents know where to start. When you’re designing a baby’s room, a wonderful way to start is by deciding on the nursery theme that you want to use. After you’ve selected the appropriate theme for your baby’s room, you should start considering what color scheme that may coordinate well with that theme.

Absolutely adorable nursery themes that you may want to consider for any baby’s room – regardless of whether you’re having a boy or girl – include the teddy bear theme, animal theme, and posh theme.

Teddy Bear Nursery Theme

What little boy or girl doesn’t love teddy bears? The teddy bear nursery theme is classic and absolutely adorable, and it’s perfect for all sexes. This motif will make your baby feel right at home in the nursery with its cozy and comfy feel. Plus, this is a theme that will grow with your child as he or she gets older. (Almost every child has a teddy bear friend that they enjoy spending time with.)

Baby crib bedding sets in the teddy bear theme is sometimes accompanied with other motifs, such as polka dots, stripes, and stars. If you’re looking for a traditional look in your baby’s room, the teddy bear theme is the one you should choose.

Animal Nursery Theme

If you want to stray from the quiet nursery environment, create a splash or more appropriately, a roar, in your baby’s room, consider the animal theme. This baby room idea will definitely jump start your child’s imagination from day one. Whether you decide on a baby crib bedding collection that features dinosaurs, safari animals, frogs and other amphibians, or puppy dogs, you have a lot of versatility with this adorable nursery theme.

Animals are perfect for all boys and girls. If you’re interested in creating a gender neutral nursery, or a twins’ nursery, you should look into the animal nursery motif!

Posh Nursery Theme

This is the theme for the most sophisticated parent. Posh baby crib bedding sets are designed to fit into the overall décor of your home. They also create a very tranquil nursery environment for your baby. But don’t worry – posh does not mean boring. Posh collections often feature intricate designs, such as Art nouveau or stylized flowers, which offer your little one plenty to gaze at when he or she is in the crib.

What makes the posh nursery theme absolutely adorable is the fact it typically features soft color palettes and comfortable fabrics. The combination of these two elements brings a sweetness and “awww” factor to your baby’s room.