38 Modern Bathroom Designs For You

Modern bathroom design doesn’t really merely concern itself with giving you a place to wash and groom yourself. Whatever they used to be at one time, bathrooms today are all about giving you an escape from the stresses that life throws your way every day.

Modern bathroom design has come to be all about giving you a place to get away from it all, – a vacation from life if only for a few minutes everyday.

Today’s bathrooms aspire to be miniature spas in your own home. The perfect retreat in your home can’t merely make do with a Jacuzzi, with rain head showers and maybe a shower radio.

Inventors of modern gadgetry are pulling out all the stops stocking your bathroom with every luxury possible. When you step out of that wonderful bubble bath, your feet make contact with a stone cold floor in an ordinary bathroom. The floor then has to be kept warm.

Towels can get cold too in winters -when you reach for the towel, there has to have been some way to keep it warm. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it just won’t do for it to be steamed up.

And you can’t really get in touch with yourself without the warmth of your own bathroom fireplace, now can you? Let’s look at some of the more over-the-top luxuries that modern bathroom design now seems to demand.

An electrically warmed floor that turns your winter bathroom experience into something warm and cozy is the latest thing in modern bathroom design. If you are worrying about how safe it could be to have a floor that’s electrified or how much it will cost in energy bills, these floors are perfectly safe, and the warmth is gentle enough that it doesn’t have to send your energy bills soaring.

Bath tubs have traditionally been porcelain or fiberglass. The only concession to physical comfort has always been perhaps a head rest on one corner of a tub. That isn’t how it has to be anymore.

Super soft Jacuzzis are the latest thing. And the hotter the water gets, the softer the padding becomes. The imagination runs riot when you think of all that’s possible for a romantic couple equipped with one of these.

But tubs that are merely padded can seem so pass?in the face of the some of the latest models out there that build an entire home entertainment unit right into the tub – not above it.

You get full surround sound, and a large screen plasma right there in your bath while you luxuriate under the pressure of jets that pound your body soft.

Perhaps the steam-free mirror is a luxury anyone can afford now. How does it stay steam free? The same way the rear windscreen in your car stays fog free – electrical heating is what it takes.

Steam condenses on the mirror usually because glass tends to remain pretty cold. Having electrically-warmed mirrors after a nice hot bath is the alternative. You can step out hoping for nothing but a crystal-clear image in the mirror of how well you’ve cleaned up.