48 Unique Bathtub Designs You Must See

The J.L. Mott Ironworks poured enamel over the interior of cast iron small clawfoot bathtubs in 1873, creating a smoother, glass type finish. This bathtub type became the standard in the US until the built-in fiberglass version tubs took its place in the 1930’s.

The Kohler Company added legs to their cast iron and steel horse trough/hog scalder in 1883, resulting in their first produced bathtub. The clawfoot graced the legs and propelled the company into a powerhouse from that point on.

Kohler continues to dominate the market with a variety of bathtub designs to meet any bathroom need. With fiberglass, acrylic and porcelain designs, bathtub choices are vast which include small clawfoot bathtubs.

Powered enamel is heated to a high temperature, then poured over the cast iron bathtubs resulting in a clawfoot tub weighing 250 to 400 pounds. They are making a comeback as designers and homeowners re-introduce this historical piece into their current day bathrooms.

With this bathtub as their centerpiece, designs are created to match the style and grace of these pieces. Victorian Era styled bathrooms are on the rise, catering to comfort and relaxation. Beauty and elegance combine with modern flair in these exquisitely designed tubs.

Owners of small bathtubs love the small clawfoot bathtubs. Because they are deeper than the traditional bathtub, they take up less space.

The standard five foot bathtubs have been the standard since they hit the scene in the 1930’s, but with people seeking more and more uniqueness in their bathroom design, the freestanding bathtub is hot right now…

The clawfoot tubs we see now are adaptable and comfortable not to mention safer. Fiberglass and acrylic materials allow for many color and texture varieties allowing decorators to test their skills.

These tubs are not the old stained tubs of our ancestors, but are new and slick pieces in our stylish bathrooms.

Either a wall mounted or freestyle shower head on a vertical pipe saves even more space. A round shower rod wrapped around the tub with shower curtain fits the Victorian design of the tub.

You can go anywhere with this design and create an elegant oasis to escape the daily grind of life. You literally do step into these small clawfoot bathtubs and float away to another world.

Your lover can actually sit outside but at the top of the tub and wash your hair, something that is not possible in a built in tub. All the sexiness of the old fashioned tub is reborn.

In a larger bathroom, setting the tub in the middle of the room makes for an amazing presentation. And don’t forget your rubber ducky, an absolutely necessity to complete the picture.